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Gail’s Birthday Celebration

When you get slightly “more experienced” in years you start looking for five year age brackets as it becomes a distinct advantage to being at the bottom end of that bracket when entering races. Our resident international, Gail has just done her first race as a V55 at the BMAF (British Masters Athletic Federation) Relays in Sutton Park, Birmingham, having kept her birthday very quiet!

Unfortunately LBAC doesn’t have a team of three V55’s to compete with Gail in these events, but nevertheless it is an excellent event and so Gail went off to do the first leg and have a good race. As it turned out, her time of 18.32 for the three mile loop was 90 seconds quicker than anyone else in her category and so she walked off with the Gold, fastest lap medal. Well done Gail. read more

Ladies Break New Ground

For the first time ever, LBAC entered a ladies team into the southern six-stage road relays at the Open University in Milton Keynes. Over the course of the last 20 years, the club has sporadically entered a men’s team into the 12-stage event held on the same day. This year, whilst the men couldn’t scrape together a team of twelve, the ladies did a fantastic job of very quickly getting a good team together, and were rewarded with a perfect day for running.

With the sun shining, Gail Duckworth lead off the team with another great performance, in which she finished the stage in 10th place despite being a V50 and battling with all age groups. Obviously, with Gail running so well, there was a lot for the other ladies to live up to, but they did it extremely well with Amelia Wallace taking on the second leg in her first run representing the club and completing the 3.4 mile loop at exactly 7.30 mile pace. Amelia then handed on to Stacey Thorne who brilliantly stepped in at the last minute after two significant injuries to other team members. Stacey had never run a race before, but didn’t let her nerves get the better of her at all as she ran faster than she has ever run before to complete the route in a time much quicker than she expected. read more

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