Leighton 10

The Leighton 10 2019

Sunday 22 September



We apologise for the delay in both holding the presentations and publishing the results. This was caused by one runner seemingly using a number from last year, which created a duplicate finisher in the results which had to be investigated. We thank you for your patience.

Photos are available on our facebook page. Feel free to tag, share or download!


You can download an entry form here if you would prefer

Race Information Sheet available here and new route map.

Due to potential building work around the start/finish area on Vandyke Road that is likely to cause disruption to the current route, we have had to relocate slightly this year to ensure the race continues. We hope this will be on a new, exciting and potentially even more scenic route than the one you already know and love. 


    • A popular 10 mile road race with a scenic, rural route
    • Each finisher will receive a technical T-shirt
    • Individual prizes and team prize (8 to score including at least 2 ladies)

Follow us on Twitter at @TheLeighton10

Photos from previous years can be viewed on our club Facebook page. (Please contact Leighton10@leightonbuzzardac.co.uk with any queries)


Results from 2018 can be found here.

Photos are now available to view on our club Facebook page with a direct link here. Apologies that we were unable to make them available to those not on facebook. In the mean time please follow our Instagram to catch up on action at the club.

Baze187 has also created a Vlog of his race!  Thanks Richard!

(Please contact Leighton10@leightonbuzzardac.co.uk with any queries)

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