5k Road Club Champs

5k Club Champs – Aylesbury parkrun


Another sunny morning greeted the  LBAC runners as they commuted to Aylesbury for the 5k Road Club championship race. As has been custom the last few years, the 5k race has taken place at a local parkrun and this year Aylesbury was the location of choice.

Purple and Gold vests packed the starting line with 28 runners turning out in the Meadowcroft area of Aylesbury.

As is custom with parkruns, the start was a fast one with runners haring off between the trees. The route itself follows the River Thame and is fairly flat and fast, but with a few tricky corners and slight inclines it can also sap your energy somewhat.

Off the runners went running west to east along the river for about 2km before reaching Buckingham Road, where they turned a corner to start an anti-clockwise loop. This loop is run twice and on completion of the second loop, the runners come up over the bridge and turn right instead of left to complete the final km of the course.

The final km is slightly downhill until the very last moment when a sharp incline out from the trees stops the legs and sucks the breath out of you before a short dash across the grass to the finish.

A great turn out by the club again and it was great to see some new faces and fast times recorded.

Pete Mackrell was first over the line in purple and gold with a time of 17:23 whilst Amy Killick was the first LBAC lady to finish in 20:38, both as second man and second lady overall! Amy also reclaimed her 5k Club Champs title with a parkrun PB to boot.

With LBAC runners packing out the first 20 with 12 runners there were some fast and furious finishes with everybody trying to pick up those vital Club Champs points. Full results can be found here with the LBAC runners listed below.


The next Club Champs race is the mile track run on Sunday 8 July, 2pm at Stantonbury track.


Gender Position
2 Peter Mackrell 17:23
3 Gary Blaber 17:27
5 Stuart Blofeld 17:34
7 Chris George 18:00
9 Ben Corfield 18:10
11 Tim Inchley 18:42
12 Stuart Read 18:44
13 Sam Dear 18:45
14 Steve Sharples 19:11
16 Adam Haylock 19:25
17 Matthew Brooks 19:34
18 Warren Rose 19:39
21 Michael Furness 20:22
24 Alfie Blaber 20:34
2 Amy Killick 20:38
27 Nick Clay 20:59
30 David Killick 21:09
4 Amy Inchley 21:51
37 Neil Green 22:02
42 Chris Dimmock 22:54
10 Zara Brooks 23:30
11 Coralie Anderson 23:38
53 Andrew Hallworth 23:54
12 Jeni Read 24:13
61 Richard Inchley 24:48
29 Liz Miller 29:40
33 Susan Johnson 30:58
35 Mandy Clay 31:21