Meet the Buzzards – Pete Mackrell

Meet the Buzzards


Part Two of Meet the Buzzards – The second half of the dynamic duo of our wonderful Co-Captains, Pete Mackrell!



Pete Mackrell





Where were you born?

Burnley, Lancashire, England (in that order)


Tell me something about you:

When I was 12 I was Lancashire Maths champion, but I was rubbish at all sports and not exactly popular at school. Now I’m an accountant so I haven’t got any more popular, but I do seem to have discovered some talent for running. I take great pride in having run several times for Bedfordshire (cross country) and for England Masters (marathon). When not running you might find me at Turf Moor.


What inspired you to start running?

My girlfriend at the time decided we (by which she probably meant me) were getting fat so we should take up running. I hated the idea but reluctantly agreed to tag along with her.


Who is your favourite athlete?

Of the current bunch Eliud Kipchoge is the King, he’s sublime and a joy to watch. But Emil Zatopek is my hero because he wasn’t sublime, however he had guts, determination, ingenuity, humility, and three gold medals in one Olympics.


What made you choose LBAC?

It’s the only “athletics” club in town and I genuinely assumed the Fun Runners always wore fancy dress and did egg-and-spoon races!


How long have you been running and when did you join LBAC? 

I started running in 2008 and joined LBAC after moving to Leighton in 2011.


What is your favourite race distance?



What is your goal for the next 12 months?

To stay injury free and keep proving myself wrong.


What’s your favourite post-run refuel snack?

A pint and a packet of crisps!


Fartlek or Pyramid session?



Speed or distance?




And one for the post Cross Country pub trips…


What’s your favourite drink?

A pint of something, preferably real ale.


Pete doing what he does best… marathons!