Five Still Standing

The penultimate Stag of the season, as it always does, saw lots of people eliminated from the championship in terms of being potential winners. Prior to the March race there were 16 club members who technically had a chance. Now, with just April’s race to go there are only five who have the possibility of winning. This is actually more than normal, due to the much higher attendance this year and so will undoubtedly make for a competitive final race.

On the night, the first finisher was Mark Adkins who finished nearly 30 seconds ahead of brother-in-law Stuart Read who was at the front of a group of five that came in in five seconds with Tom Inchley, Sam Dear, Lisa Bowyer and Dominic Grimshaw making up the rest and all scoring points in the 20’s. read more

Stag Trophy Heating Up

Five races into the Stag trophy season and we are starting to see some moves around the top of the leaderboard. There are two races left and each individual’s five best scores are taken into account so from next month potential contenders will be dropping their lowest scores. What this means is that there can be big shifts in the table with one good performance.

As it stands after the February Stag, technically there are still 21 people who could win it, although there are five slightly more clear favourites. read more

Some Chill in the Air

January’s Stag Trophy race is often a mixed up affair with post Christmas lethargy and lousy weather indicating slow times, but sometimes we get a cold still night that allows people to run quickly despite the holiday over exuberance. Although it was a little damp under foot, the conditions were excellent and eight people achieved new PB’s, almost all of which joined the club in 2015.

The turn-out was once again very good with 26 people completing the course and making for a friendly but competitive race. read more

PB’s Galore

Young Mark Adkins must be somewhat frustrated. Despite taking a healthy chunk off his time from November he still only finished 15! That’s because last night, 12 out of the 25 people who ran The Stag achieved PB’s for the race and unfortunately for him he was the last of those to finish and ended up mid-pack.

In all fairness, Mark is one of an increasing number of people who are relatively new to the club and therefore also setting new personal best times in for the monthly handicap very regularly which is fantastic to see. What it also means is that no-one has had three “good” scores so far, and the competition is wide open. read more

The Trend Continues

The November Stag Trophy race continued the recent trend of debutants winning at the first attempt and this month it was the turn of Lisa Bowyer. She was the first of 26 finishers which represents another excellent turn-out.

Lisa started training with the club around the end of the last Stag season and has improved hugely over the course of the summer. She was delighted with her 19.02 last night, as she never imagined running that fast, but as we all know the best Stag times come after a bit of experience is gained and she will undoubtedly run much faster. read more

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